Fall!! Running with RMRR

Fall is coming fast, even though we have lots of hot days left.  Fall means cooler weather and longer runs, but for training and for the Trophy Series.  We have our 8M race at Trailhead Park in September, 10M at Cottonwood Park in October, and 9M at Prairie Gateway in November.  These races will all have the 5k version as well, so there is always a distance right for you.  Come out and let RMRR help you become a better runner!  AND…we have the Marathon Training Series at Twin Lakes Park on September 14 and September 28.  Sign up today!

Track Continues

Track workouts workouts continue for a while longer on Wednesday evenings at 6:15pm at Denver’s North High.  This is how you become a better, faster runner.  RMRR’s program has track workouts for beginning runners and those of you who have run for a long time, and you’ll see people of all speeds.  Track intervals will give all of your running a boost of speed and endurance, and it helps you push through the tough times in races.  Even your easy runs will benefit, so come try it with us!

Volunteers – We need Volunteers!

The RMRR is an all-volunteer organization.  Club management, race activities, marketing and communications, maintaining our equipment…they’re all performed by volunteers. The club could not survive without the efforts of our dedicated volunteers, and we encourage every member to help out!  Volunteer today and tell us how you’d like to help out.